Accent S2 Vaultprotect Standard Security


  • Retro fit security door
  • Over 1000 units fitted nationwide
  • Tried and tested
  • Onsite installation
  • Onsite fitted price

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£295.00 tax excl.

Vaultprotector for the Metric Accent S2 standard security level with hardened steel locking pin and a totally concealed lock shackle. Registered key Section.


The Vaultprotector security door is fitted onsite with no need to turn off the machine, only taking around 30 minutes to install this keeps carpark disruption to a minimum.


The Vaultprotector acts as additional security to the manufactures door. Welded to the pedestal it makes it virtually impossible to force entry around the installation area.


The Vaultprotector is locked in place with a totally concealed shackle lock that is housed within a protective shroud. The Shroud resist's hammer attacks and cutting with added rollers fitted inside.


Registered keys give the added protection of stopping unauthorized key copying.


We are able to build the locks onsite to match existing Vaultprotector’s, this stop any long wait for locks and keys.


Vaultprotector’s are available in any pedestal colour, our standard stock colour is black.




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