NPS DAVINCI Pay and Display From

  • Open Parking System
  • ANPR
  • 10.1" TFT Display
  • Real Time Function

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£3,515.00 tax excl.


Top of the Range Parking Terminal


Large visible screen, all payment options including change giving very versatile unit


FROM £3515 + VAT


Delivery 4-6 WEEKS


Open Parking System (OPS) is one of the most advanced and flexible Parking Systems available in the industry today.


The principle of the system is based around the entering of the vehicle licence plate and the fact that the system functions in real time.


The OPS DaVinci machine can be used for both Pay and Display applications or integrated with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), to replace Pay on Foot systems.




The OPS System offers a wide range of options:


Payment can be made in the traditional way with coins, credit cards and notes or via our mobile phone module which provides a payment service without a convenience charge (subject to equipment purchase)


The system can be configured, so that payment for parking can be made at any time, on entry, mid visit or prior to leaving the car park. (ANPR System)


Where overpayment has occurred, drivers can be credited for parking.  If the driver leaves after 1 hour, but has paid for 3 hours, the remaining value will be deducted from the fee on the next visit. (ANPR System)


Payment of Penalty Charge Notices can be made at the machine, by entering a PCN reference number, possibly for a reduced fee all of which is fully monitored and audited by the management station hosted remotely.


PDA’s are linked to the Central Computer (Control Centre), as the machines are in real time. The Control Centre transmits the details of any offending vehicles directly to each enforcement officer’s PDA.


Overide tariffs can be applied for special events. Each individual machine can receive individual tariffs for any set period of time e.g. a pay station near a stadium can be set to £20.00 for 3 hours. (Pay and Display)


The hosted service provides a wide range of statistical information as well as a fully integrated optional enforcement package.  This can be linked to PDA’s and mobile phones for data acquisition and transfer.


All activity both by staff, cash collection, technical support teams and customers, along with machine status is fully monitored again in real time and is one of the most advanced systems available.


The real time function allows the operator to monitor the peak activity of the system allowing the deployment of labour and services in the most efficient manner to maximise profit and customer service.


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